Summer 2015 Newsletter

From the Seat of the President

by Dale Schwantes

Hello everyone,

Summer is just around the corner and things are starting to heat up at the grounds. Maybe the weather will heat up soon too. It’s been a bit of a cold one lately. With most of the gardens and crops being planted, Mother Nature is still taking charge. Sooner or later things will warm up. The schoolhouse will be getting a concreted basement floor soon. Dirt will be dug away from the window wells to allow the cement trucks to run their shoots down to pour into the basement. A crock has been dug in for the sump pump and an electric supply has been installed to the power box for the existing electrical wires. Moving the dirt back and landscaping will need to be done afterwards. This should be done in time for the show. The basement can be used for storage.

The Economy building is in place on the concrete slab. The building has been squared up and the garage door is installed. The siding is removed and waiting for paint. We are hoping the Economy group will be able to do the painting. The front overhang still needs to be installed and the Wednesday crew is running out of time to complete some of these tasks. The Dairy Display team has been working hard on their project. They are promoting the barn by means of funding. They have assembled a raffle consisting of a chest freezer and meat from several local businesses and they have numerous other prizes. They have the project area staked as to where the barn will be located and they have hopes for ground breaking very soon. It is very important to preserve these buildings and the history of the equipment that was installed in the structures. As the saying goes, they sure don`t build them like that anymore. And they don’t. The pot luck lunch and general meeting went real well. First of all,the food was so delicious, and the deserts were out of this world. Many thanks and complements to all the cooks and chefs who prepared the fantastic food. The meeting was held to a relatively short amount of time. I found that some of the members were not receiving their newsletters. I sent a sheet of paper around the room to those to write their addresses or e-mails on so that we can correct them. Please help us keep this information up to date.

We do not want anyone to miss out on any news, functions or events. You can check with the office during show time, or contact any member, including board members, for any changes. This is every members responsibility. The feature raffle tractor has been completed and is starting to make the show circuit. Harvey Ziemer took it to Ixonia on Memorial Day weekend and sold tickets for it there. This is a start and we have a long summer with many shows to get to. We are in need of you to take the raffle tractor to other shows and events to sell tickets. Please contact Harvey Ziemer at (920)206-1262, or Marion Reisetter at (920)210-8908 for a show that you would like to take it to. The tractor is on a trailer and you can leave it on there. The table, chairs and tent are on the trailer too. This is not a difficult job. It just needs your time and effort. For the benefit of the club more people are needed to display and sell tickets for these raffles at other events. Show time is almost upon us and many projects are still in need of completion. Sue Schwantes, Lisa Wanie, Ruth and Sue Pieper are doing a tremendous job of weeding the gardens and planting flowers. Our flower beds are really looking great. John Deere has been mowing the lawns. Plans for landscaping by the schoolhouse will take place after the basement gets poured. Many improvements are being made. Take a little time to come out and see if you can find all of them.

We have received a huge response of complements from the membership and the Legionnaires for the flag ceremonies held each day at the show. By popular demand the Legionnaires will return for the beginning and ending of each day of the show. Please continue to show your support of these brave men and women by welcoming them to our show and going to the functions and events that they have.

It has been mentioned that we should be involving the youth more than we are. I believe you are right. Let’s find out what their interests are. My grandpa took me along to the shows when I was a kid and caught my attention. He showed me and explained things that have always stayed with me. I will bet that most of you can relate stories like that as well. It is not too late. We need to stop talking about this and start doing. Parents and Grandparents, bring your children and grandchildren to the show, or better yet, bring them beforehand so they can see even more.

Team leaders, now is a good time to start to get your areas ready. Take charge of your area. This is your part. Contact and get your help together to as yor concerns to the board. Do not wait for the board to do it. We cannot possibly know your needs without your help.

If you have not been to the grounds in a while, now is a good time to come out and join us. Things are looking a bit different lately. There are still several jobs that need to be completed. Jim Richardson has a list of projects. Come out to the grounds to do your own projects, or check to see what Jim has for you. You can contact Jim at (290)928-3460. There is plenty to do and you can do them at your convenience, just please consider helping out. The Wednesday crew cannot possibly do everything. As the summer goes by a lot of wonderful events are happening. Please enjoy them, and also find some time and dedication for the club. June Dairy Brunch is at the Tony Schumacher farm on Grant Rd. by Rubicon, from 9:00-1:00 on June 28th. Jam N Juneau is at the City Park on July 17th, 18th, and 19th. Your displays are always appreciated. The next general meeting is the show meeting on July 26th at 2:00 at the grounds. See you there.

Many great things are happening at our club. Please do not miss out. Be a part of it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dale Schwantes,
Club President

From the Secretary

by Sue Bintzler

Hey everyone,

Showtime is just around the bend! Once again we in the kitchen are looking for a little help from anyone who has an hour or two to spare on any of the three days of the show. Really! Just an hour or two in the kitchen where we have lots of fun serving up good food and drink. You could work at the counter where you get to meet some awesome (hungry) people, or you could wash a few dishes. Honest, we won’t keep you any longer than the hour or two you choose to sign up for, so let’s get that sign-up sheet filled up before the show begins. I’ll see you at the show meeting, Sunday, July 26 and I will have a schedule for you. No pressure! Just an hour or two. Help us out and have fun while doing it!

Sue Bintzler,
Secretary, DCACP

From the Treasurer

by Sandy Frank

Greetings everyone,

Here it is July already. It is less than a month to the show. Where has the time gone? I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. I have been busy with painting signs for the club and setting up the advertising. We have added a third radio station to advertise with and Bill McCollum is signed up to do the Barn Show at our show on Friday once again.

The raffle tickets have been selling well. Thank you to the hard workers who have been taking the raffle tractor to other shows and selling tickets.

Sandy Frank,
Treasurer, DCACP


Our board of Directors: Marion Reisetter, Sue Bintzler (secretary), Dale Schwantes (president),Jim Richardson,Sandy Frank (treasurer),Jim Breselow, Bill Bremer,Dick Kraemer (vice-president). Not Pictured, Roger Beal.

Shop Notes

by Jim Richardson

The 7th to 12th grade Girl Scouts from Dodge County Day Camp #23
met at the Club grounds on May 31 to assemble picnic tables for the Club.


Scouts included Emily Schliesman, Emily Tenfel, and Kim Wiese. Adult leaders present were Donna VanCasler, Michelle Schliesman, and Jen Welch.
Club member Wayne Sodeman, and volunteer Linda Schmidt, assisted with
the project.

Tractor Ride:

DCAPC is sponsoring a tractor ride to Farm Technology Days 2015 on Sunday, August 23. There are two starting points; one at the DCAPC
grounds, the other at the Gerry Coughlin farm near Watertown. Tractors from both starting points will travel to Waterloo to meet at approximately
2:30 pm. They will then combine into one group and continue on the ride to arrive at the Statz farm, home of Farm Technology Days, at 4:00 pm.

Those who begin the ride at the DCAPC show grounds will start the line-up at 8:00 am with a leaving time of 10:00 am. They will travel to Astico Park for a ‘bring your own sack’ lunch from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. (There will be room on the people hauler for your coolers.)

Those beginning in Watertown will start the line-up at 11:00 am with a departure time of 1:00 pm. They will then travel to Waterloo where they will meet up with the first group.

After lining up the tractors for display at Farm Technology Days from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, a bus will transport drivers to one of the three following locations:
The Gary Skalitzky farm for a 6:00 pm potluck supper, The Gerry Coughlin farm or The DCAPC show grounds. Trucks and trailers may remain parked at any of the starting points until they can be retrieved. The cost to participate in this event is $10 per person. (No extra riders will be permitted unless proper seating is provided.) There will be no extra fee for implements pulled by tractors for the ride. This $10 fee helps to cover the cost of insurance, but you must be a current member of the DCAPC to participate. You must also have a valid drivers license and you must drive your own tractor. If you are not currently a member of DCAPC, a one-year membership may be purchased for $5 or a lifetime membership for $25.
A people hauler will be provided for guests if so desired, at $10 per person. The fee to participate in the ride is separate from the $10 required to display your tractor at FTD. Although complimenting each other, the tractor ride and the heritage display are two separate activities. You may participate in one or the other or both. You must register for each event separately. If you choose to participate in the ride only your tractor must leave the Statz farm that same evening. If that is difficult for you other arrangements can be made. You may drive your tractor to the Skalitzky farm and stay for supper or you may be picked up by the bus and taken to one of the two starting points. If you choose to participate in both events, your tractor will remain at FTD after the ride.

If you choose to participate in the display only, you may bring your tractor to FTD on Sunday, Aug 23 or Monday, Aug 24. All display tractors must be removed from the FTD show grounds either Thursday evening, Aug 27 or Friday Aug 28.

Tentative Schedule for the day

• 8:00 am unload tractors at the grounds and line up (group I)
• 10:00 am leaving time
• 11:00 am unload tractors and line up at the Gerry Caughlin farm (group II)
• 12:30 pm group I arrives at Astico Park
• 1:00 pm group I leaves Astico Park
• 1:00 pm group II leaving time (leaving Caughlin farm)
• 2:30 pm arrive and meet in Waterloo
• 3:00 pm leave Waterloo
• 4:00 pm arrive at the Statz farm (Some continue on to the Skalitzky farm. Some line up for FTD)
• 5:00 pm bus leaves the Statz farm
• 5:15 pm bus drop off at the Skalitzky farm
• 5:30 pm bus leaves the Skalitzky farm
• 6:00 pm supper at the Skalitzky farm
• 6:30 pm bus drop off at the Caughlin farm
• 6:45 pm bus leaves Caughlin farm
• 7:15 pm bus drop off at the grounds

Questions? Call Jim Zahn @920-650-1960
We look forward to having you join us!


Photo Gallery



The Dairy Brunch was a grand success. Thank you to all who volunteered to help!

The Dairy Brunch was a grand success. Thank you to all who volunteered to help!

The breakfast area was filled to capacity.

The breakfast area was filled to capacity. 

The line of people waiting to eat wound around the farm yard.

The line of people waiting to eat wound around the farm yard.

The club train was a big hit.

The club train was a big hit.

Donated tractors ready to pull the people haulers.

Donated tractors ready to pull the people haulers.

Members selling tickets for the tractor raffle and the dairy display raffle.

Members selling tickets for the tractor raffle and the dairy display raffle.





Antique Musical Instruments

Phonographs, Records, Music Scores

Clothing, Jewelry, anything that has music related features

Fiber Arts Demonstrations throughout the day

If you have or know of someone who has antique music scores, instruments, victrolas and records, etc. please have them get in touch with Michelle Zahn at or (920) 386-2565. Do you have a collection of jewelry, clothing or books that feature music? Anything goes!

by Michelle Zahn, Chair, Women’s committee

Apple Strudel

1/2 cup flour melted butter
1 tsp. salt apple slices
1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup warm water
raisins 1 egg, beaten
walnuts or hickory nuts

Mix flour, salt and egg, then add water: mix dough quickly. Knead on board, stretching to make elastic. Toss on floured board and cover with bowl. Set in warm place 2 hours or more.
Lay on floured cloth or table and stretch until very thin (almost transparent). Brush with melted butter. Spread with apple slices, raisins and nuts. If desired, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar or small marshmallows.
Lift one edge of cloth to roll and coil in a flat cake pan with approximately 1/2 inch thick milk. Bake at 375° about 1/2 hour. Watch closely: baste occasionaly with milk.

Bob Frank, Fox Lake, WI

Published in the DCAPC Cook Book available in the Schoolhouse each year at the Show for just $3 or call Michelle to get your copy! Would you like to share your recipe here?
Send to Michelle Zahn, W6378 State Road 26 Juneau, WI 53039 or email to


Barn Committee Update:



Foundation ready.

Foundation ready.

Approval from the Board to obtain a building permit has been accomplished. Groundbreaking took place at the site on June 3. Excavation was done June 6 through 8. Forms were set up for the foundation and concrete was poured for half of the lower barn floor during the week of June 6.

Mike Westimayer, a local resident, has donated a barn floor for our project, as the floor from the barn itself was not salvageable. Several other residents have expressed interest in making similar donations necessary to complete the project. Full-color pamphlets have been created explaining the project, as well as providing a donation form along with information on how to make a contribution. In the next few weeks we will be contacting local newspapers to promote our project to Dodge County and the surrounding areas.

Members of our committee have been active in the distribution of our promotional pamphlets at local events such as dairy breakfasts, tractor shows and the like. Hopefully donations will come in as needed. Plans for the barn-raising are in the works. Discussion amongst the committee members continues as floor plans for static displays are laid out. The next committee meeting will be held at the show grounds on Sunday, July 12. For more information please call Gary @ 920-296-6449.

by Diane Schacht, Dairy Display Committee

Winter 2014 Newsletter

From the Seat of the President

by Dale Schwantes

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone!

A new year is now upon us. Wow, last year went fast. Just think, seven more months and it will be show time again. No need for cabin fever, think spring. So maybe think about warming up those engines, or shining up the tin. I know you do not want any cobwebs or dust on them.

I am pleased to announce the winners of our raffles that were held during the banquet that was back in October. This year we had four prizes. The winning recipients were drawn as follows. Fourth prize of a 1/16th scale Co-op farm toy tractor is Deanna Chadwick. Third prize is another 1/16th scale Co-op farm toy tractor to Wyatt Breselow. Second prize of the Cockshutt pedal tractor went to Richard Hupf, and first prize, the golf cart painted up in the Cockshutt scheme went to Margie Kline. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and for supporting our club.

There has been some complaining about the newsletters not getting to you in a timely manner, and also some members are not receiving the newsletters. This was discussed at the annual membership meeting, which was held last November. We have now set due dates for everyone to get their reports or information to Michelle Zahn by the 15th of each month before the newsletter is sent out (January, April, July and September). Please send your committee reports, photos (in jpeg format) information, buy/sell ads, etc., to Michelle Zahn at or W6378 State Road 26, Juneau, WI 53039. Also, we need your help. If you know of any members who are not receiving their newsletters please contact Sue Bintzler at (920)979-0536.

We are in the process of updating our membership list. If you know of anyone who has moved, please let us know. This is every member’s responsibility. Printed copies of the updated membership list will be available upon request once updates are complete.

During our annual membership meeting, nominations were held for the board of directors. Up for re-election to the board of directors this year, were Bill Madison, Jim Zahn, and myself, Dale Schwantes with each of us having accepted nominations. Also accepting nominations were Sandy Frank, Matt Feucht, Dick Kraemer and Harlow Stork. The winning board members this year are Dale Schwantes and newly elected Sandy Frank and Dick Kraemer. Thank you to Harlow Stork and Matt Fuecht for running for the board and also thank you to Jim Zahn and Bill Madison for their many years of dedication and service to the board of directors.

After the annual meeting, elections were held for the officers. Sandy Frank is newly elected as Treasurer, taking over for Jim Richardson, and Dick Kraemer is newly elected as Vice President taking over for Jim Zahn. Sue Bintzler remains as Secretary, and Dale Schwantes remains as President.

The toy show was a huge success again this year with many new vendors in attendance. The Waupun FFA and alumni served food and helped with the set up/take down of the tables and chairs. We had very good attendance of spectators. Many thanks go out to everyone who contributed their time and effort in making this event a success, and to Sue Bintzler and Les McCullough for co-chairing this event.

2014 toy show 265

2014 toy show 263

2014 toy show 265-1

2014 toy show 268

2014 toy show 269

2014 toy show 273

2014 toy show 279

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