The Dodge County Antique Power Club The Dodge County Antique Power Club was incorporated in 1969. The organization held its annual shows in several locations in Dodge County before purchasing the site at W6505 County Road B in 1993. The first show on the new site was held the first weekend in August 1994.

Many improvements have been made to the property by club members since that first show. Every step of the way leads to fulfilling our tax exempt purpose of educating visitors in the history and use of antique engines, tools, and equipment that helped to build and feed our country.

The focus of our equipment collection is on Dodge County and Wisconsin made products; but we also have items from other areas such as New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, that were used in farming and industries in Dodge County. Collectable items may be donated by contacting a board member and providing a photo of the item. Transportation can be arranged and a receipt will be issued.

Consider a visit to our annual show in August. To become a member, or make a donation to support our historic preservation efforts, please contact a board member.